DIL / (P)DIP Dual in-line package This is the typical form factor of ICs with pins. The pin pitch is usually 1/10 inch. PDIP means "Plastic DIP".
ISP In-system-programming This is the technique to flash a microcontroller or other programmable storage when it's already embedded into the target system. A special ISP connection and a ISP programmer is used to do this.
SMD Surface-mounted device Using this technique, the components are soldered directly to the surface of the PCB. The components are often very small. Their pin pitch is also small. Building up these devices needs some experience in soldering.
Java Swing Swing is the primary toolkit for creating GUIs in Java since version 1.2. It is well known and supported.
NAS Network attached storage This is a little box with one or more harddisks attached to your home network. Besides delivering storage space, a NAS usually has a descent processor running linux as operating system and supports a variety of additional services to run on the NAS.
THT Through hole technology This is the conventional technique to stick pins of components through the PCB and solder them. This is easy to build up, unlinke using SMD components.
QFP (Plastic / Thin) Quad Flat Package This form factor is used typically for SMD ICs. Pins are at all sides of the package and can be soldered directly to the PCB.
XSD XML Schema Definition file Such a file defines the content of other XML files to be conformant to the schema. Using an XSD, one can make sure the content of specific XML files is well defined and programs processing the files will be able to work with them without problems.
DCF77 The DCF77 longwave transmitter in Mainflingen, Germany sends out the official time in Germany since 1973. It can be received in a range of 1000-2000 km around the sender, covering western Europe.