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Movement detection by PIR sensor HC-SR501

There are fairly cheap PIR sensors available under the name HC-SR501. According to various pages this sensors are really nice. Here some features:

  • less than 80uA power consumtion (max 150 uA while motion is detected)
  • adjustable sensitivity and range 3 to 7m
  • prepared to attach a photoresitor
  • output signal is 3.3 V high / low signal
  • VCC range is 4.5 to 20V

Measured at a sample it uses 35 µA if idle. If movement is detected the OUT pin goes from 0.0 V to 3.3 V and uses than 190 µA.

The PCB has a voltage regulator, a HT7133-1, which is used to make a stable 3.3 V from the VCC (4.5 V to 20 V). So we drive the combination of Env-Senso Board and HC-SR501 by 4 AA batteries and solder additional pins to the PCB as power source for the EnvSensor.

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