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Building up an Environment Sensor (SMD Version)

Needed Parts and PCB

You need a PCB. You may use the layout from Github and etch it yourself or order the PCB or a complete kit.

The envsensor using the SMD version powered with a CR2032 battery is designed to power only sensors with small power consumption or when the measuring cycle is big. For example, a CR2032 is good if you use the devise as window sensor. If your sensors need more power, you should use a bigger 3V battery or 2 AA(A) alcaline cells.

Partlist (in buildup order)

Amount Part Placing Picture
1 PCB Generic Micro 2 pcb_micro_2.jpg
1 IC ATMega328 TQFP IC1
1 Capacitor 10µF 6V SMD C1
1 Resistor 560R SMD 603 R1
1 Resistor 4K7 SMD 603 R9
3 Resistor 10K SMD 603 R6, R7, R8
1 Resistor 100K SMD 603 R5
1 Resistor 1M SMD 603 R4
1 LED 2mA LED1
1 Connector AVR Mini ISP 6pin 1.27mm pitch JP1
1 Connector 2,54mm pitch JP2, JP3, JP8, JP9, JP11, JP14
1 Battery Holder CR2032 BAT
1 Battery CR2032 BAT
1 Transceiver PCB RFM12B IC2
1 Antenna 82,2mm JP4

maybe extra pins, at your opinion.

Buildup of PCB

(Image directly loaded from external GitHub source. If it doesn't work, fix link in wiki!)

Connecting Sensors

Please read about it in the description of the Generic Midi (THT technology) description.

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