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 [[base_station|Base Station]]\\ [[base_station|Base Station]]\\
-[[env_sensor|Environment Sensor]]\\+[[env_sensor|Environment Sensor ​(Generic Midi THT)]]\\ 
 +[[env_sensor_micro2|Environment Sensor (Generic Micro 2 SMD)]]\\
 [[power_switch|Power Switch]]\\ [[power_switch|Power Switch]]\\
 [[rgb_dimmer|RGB Dimmer]]\\ [[rgb_dimmer|RGB Dimmer]]\\
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 [[soil_moisture_meter|Soil Moisture Meter]]\\ [[soil_moisture_meter|Soil Moisture Meter]]\\
 [[HR25_thermostat|Thermostat Honeywell HR20/HR25]] [[HR25_thermostat|Thermostat Honeywell HR20/HR25]]
 +===== Instructions for sensor integration =====
 +[[hcsr501|Movement detector - PIR - HC-SR501]]\\
 +[[dht11|Temperature & Humidity - DHT11]]
 ===== Usage and Integration ===== ===== Usage and Integration =====
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