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The idea is to have a device / firmware that can be configured somehow to support different (simple) sensors like switches, reed contacts, movement sensor etc. This would allow to have one device places somewhere and attach several sensors by cable. Example: Device placed between window that detects motion and window state (open/closed).


  • Not everything can be supported by one firmware
  • Firmware has to be changed to be more modular so support for different sensors can be commented in/out easily. → One could then make a small number of such “multi purpose firmwares”.
  • How to transmit status? → One packet (defined new) or one per sensor (more modular).

Possible Sensors

List of sensors (with possibility to support with few code lines) that may be supported:

Sensor / Actor Type I/O pins Reaction type Code complexity
S Reed contact (window state) 1 Immediate Easy I/O
S PIR 1 Int! Immediate Easy I/O
S Temp sensor SHT1x 2 Poll ~5-10m complex (protocol)
S & A Thermostat HR20/25 2 Poll ~5-10m, Request complex (hardware dep.)
S DS18x20 onewire thermal sensor 1 Poll complex (protocol)
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