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New device "Tea Maker"
It may sound a little odd and like a very special use case, but I decided to create a Tea Maker device, which can also communicate to the smarthomatic base station.

Background: I drink tea a lot and was looking for a tea maker to buy. They all seem to have some flaws, mostly they lack the possibility to start brewing at a lower temperature after the water was boiled to 100° (after cooling off the water). And users descibe even costly devices to get broken after some time for one or another reason.

My tea maker will power a heating plate to boil the water in a tea pot, sense the temperature by a temperature sensor in the water and will have a winch to put the tea bag into the water and pull it out later on.

The only (optional) "connection" to smarthomatic is that it will receive the current time (for a timer functionality) and will send its status (so I can be notified about it). But I thought, if there's already the smarthomatic framework, why not integrating the device into it?

Making a first device is in an early stage, but I've already written down the requirements for the device, have designed the PCB and the circuit is working here. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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