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HR20 firmware
here is a very basic version of a hr20 firmware.
basic means: no display, no buttons, no temperature, no rtc.
you are able to calibrate the motor and set the valve percentage. i used the atmega169's spi interface to connect the radio. maybe later its possible to move to software spi, but it was not working, and as i dont know how to debug it, this is it for now.

please have a look at the attachments to see how spi and int0 are connected. for now, there is a new message with 7 bits valve position and 1 bit calibration (request or status).
please note, that setting the motor percentage will only work after calibration.

if someone wants to test it and has questions, please feel free to ask.

ps: from what i have seen in the openhr20 project, its not difficult to port this to hr25

to connect isp programmer, please use marked pins from the images and the reset pin from (or jtag)

edit: added pin labels to images
edit: updated images again

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Very nice that it is basically working! Now I have to find time to test it. This probably won't be in the next few weeks though. Sad
Is there a status update here?
I didn't have time yet. I'm also working on a new device, so this takes also some time.

Which pins have to be connected from HR25 to RFM12? According Wiki, it is SDI, SDO, SCK (makes sense), but then nSEL instead of nINT.

(Why) don't we need both nSEL and nINT (= 5 pins in total)? This is how the RFM12 is connected in all the other SHC devices.

Can you check the wiki description and correct it if it's wrong?
Maybe you also have a better picture on how to connect the ISP connector (which would be of course the first thing I would connect when testing).
updated first post
I now see in the linked document that the HR20 (HR25 as well?) can be controlled via UART also? Or is this only possible when the OpenHR20 firmware is installed?

When it's possible with the stock firmware, why then not use a separate Generic Micro (see new SMD PCB design at EnvSensor page) and connect it to uart? Other than the additional costs of the PCB+ATMega, it would be an elegant solution I suppose?


edit: Seems it's only possible with the openHR20 firmware.

The article mentions flashing over JTAG. This is not the simple AVR ISP programming, right? Hm.

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