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v0.10.0 release candidate available
I created the release candidate for the upcoming v0.10.0. I decided to make a release with the well tested optimiziations for speeding up sending packets with the base station before adding new changes.

Please download the release candidates from the release branch, test them and give feedback. All changes are listed on the builds download page as well.

What's new in v0.10.0-rc.1:
  • Speed up of communication to/from base station by supporting 115200 baud on UART and shortening strings. Reaction on a command over UART until encrypted packet is sent is now under 20ms!
  • Add CRC32 at the end of the packet data string to secure sommunication from base station to PC (fhem).
  • Add command to the base station where the user suffixes his input with a CRC32 (8 characters). If it doesn't match, the command is ignored. This is to be safe against interferences/problems on the serial line.
  • Add SmoothingPercentage parameter to SoilMoistureMeter to smooth reported humidity values.

I'll let the release branch open until next weekend before the v0.10.0 is released.

In the meantime, development (for v0.11.0) continues in the develop branch.

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