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v0.9.0 RC5 with minor FHEM fix
The RC5 for the upcoming v0.9.0 is out. It contains a small bugfix for the FHEM module:
  • Fix devStateIcon string (used for SoilMoistureMeter). FHEM was complaining at startup about the wrong string before, but it was not critical in the way that FHEM would not start.

Please continue testing until the weekend, when (if nothing else is found) I'll finally release the v0.9.0...

Download is available on the builds download page.
the devstateicon for the powerswitch is not working correct when the 1st and 2nd pin are enabled. it should be something like .*1.......:on:off .*0.......:off:on or we should remove it completely and use readingsProxy.
I think I won't make anther RC because of this (because the default case is to have only one channel/relais), but you're right, should be fixed.

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