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v0.9.0 RC4 with RGB Dimmer fix
The RC4 for the upcoming v0.9.0 is out. It contains a bugfix for the RGB dimmer:
  • Fix that LEDs of RGB dimmer are completely off when color is 0 by using inverting mode of fast PWM instead of non-inverting mode. (Thanks to wurststulle reporting the bug!)

So if you're using a RGB dimmer, it would be nice of you if you could test it. Thanks!

Hopefully this is the last RC...

Download is available on the builds download page.
there is an issue with fhem and the SoilMoistureMeter

Unrecognized escape \s passed through at ./FHEM/ line 40, <$fh> line 46.
Unrecognized escape \d passed through at ./FHEM/ line 40, <$fh> line 46.

Could you please change the line
and try it out?

I'm surprised that you have this problem though. I tested with two soil moisture meter devices and the string ".*H:\s\d\..*:ampel_rot" was set correctly in FHEM.
Does FHEM crash when it detects a new SoilMoistureMeter, or doesn't FHEM start at your PC?
(02-25-2015, 09:24 AM)breaker27 Wrote: ".*H:\\s\\d\\..*:ampel_rot"

this is working fine. fhem was starting but complained. i dont have a soil moisture meter device, so i cant test anything else.

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