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v0.9.0 release candidate available
I created the release candidate for the upcoming v0.9.0.

Please download the release candidates from the release branch, test them and give feedback. All changes are listed on the builds download page as well.

What's new in v0.9.0-rc.1:
  • Add new device soil moisture meter (schematics, layout and firmware).
  • Speed up encryption/decryption drastically by using other AES lib.
  • Support additional sensors in EnvSensor: HTU21d (I2C, humidity + temperature), DS18S20/DS18B20 (1-wire, temperature).
  • Reduce power consumption to ~1.6µA at EnvSensor by switching off BOD in sleep mode.
  • Support DeviceInfo message (containing DeviceType + firmware version) at all devices.
  • Send Error Ack for messages which are not supported at all devices.

I'll let the release branch open until next weekend before the v0.9.0 is released.

In the meantime, development (for v0.10.0) continues in the develop branch.

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