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v0.8.0 released
The v0.8.0 is now released. There were no changes since RC1.

The new firmware packages can be downloaded from the builds download page.

What's new in v0.8.0 compared to v0.7.x:
  • RGB dimmer: Implement RGB dimmer firmware.
  • Support Color message to set fixed color (out of a color table with indexed colors).
  • Support ColorAnimation message for an animation (fading) of several colors, using repeat and autoreverse parameters for different visual effects. (For details see the full description.)
  • BaseStation: Automatically truncate empty bytes in messages before sending.
  • BaseStation: Fix sending packets > 16 bytes.
  • BaseStation: Avoid request queue for broadcast requests.
  • updated FHEM support for RGB dimmer

The usage of the RGB dimmer from user's perspective and the possibilities for animations are described on the homepage.

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