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v0.8.0 release candidate available
I created the release candidate for the upcoming v0.8.0.

The implementation of the color animation for the RGB dimmer was way more complex to implement than I thought. I wanted to make different animation scenarios / effects possible with a small amount of parameters the user has to use. With the repeat and autoreverse parameter, this is possible now. The implementation in the firmware was difficult, especially the calculation of the right colors when fading between two colors, remembering and changing all the variables correctly and (not) using the fade-out color.

The usage from user's perspective and the possibilities for animations you have is described on the homepage. If the concept is understood, I find it rather simple to imagine an animation and enter the command into FHEM directly.

If you're interested in details about the implementation, have a look at the description of the animation initialization here. I'm especially proud of my hand-drawn specification for it that helped me find a systematic approach for the implementation. Smile

Please download the release candidates from the release branch, test them and give feedback. All changes are listed on the builds download page as well.

What's new in v0.8.0-rc.1:
  • RGB dimmer: Implement RGB dimmer firmware.
  • Support Color message to set fixed color (out of a color table with indexed colors).
  • Support ColorAnimation message for an animation (fading) of several colors, using repeat and autoreverse parameters for different visual effects. (For details see the full description.)
  • BaseStation: Automatically truncate empty bytes in messages before sending.
  • BaseStation: Fix sending packets > 16 bytes.
  • BaseStation: Avoid request queue for broadcast requests.
  • updated FHEM support for RGB dimmer

I'll let the release branch open until weekend before the v0.8.0 is released.

In the meantime, development (for v0.9.0) continues in the develop branch.

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