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updated Generic Midi and RGB Dimmer PCB available
The Generic Midi PCB, used for the EnvSensor, is now updated with a 6-pin I/O connector. The SHT15 can now be connected to this without having to solder the SCK pin to the bottom of the PCB (because of the remapping of SCK in firmware >=v0.6.0). See the wiki for pictures.

The RGB Dimmer PCB is updated with an additional (optional) capacitor on the input side to stabilize the voltage, especially when using LEDs which draw much power. I had a problem with flashing with my specific type of programmer when the RGB dimmer was powering the LEDs with PWM when I tried to program the device.

Both PCBs (and updated kits) are also available in the shop.
The assembly instructions in the wiki are updated.

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