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v0.7.0 released
The v0.7.0 is now released. There were no changes since the RC1.

The new firmware packages can be downloaded from the builds download page.

What's new in v0.7.0 compared to v0.6.x:
  • EnvSensor: Support for SRF02 distance sensor
  • EnvSensor: Support digital input "sensor" (GPIO), incl. wake-up by level change
  • EnvSensor: Support analog input "sensor" (ADC), incl. trigger by level change
  • EnvSensor: configurable wake-up time, measurement and averaging intervals
  • EnvSensor: reduce idle power consumption (Note: You have to do an (optional) HW mod as described in the wiki.)
  • EnvSensor: Remap SHT15 SCL pin from PC4 to PC2 to avoid problems with I2C (Note: You have to do a small HW mod as described in the wiki.)
  • BaseStation: Fix request queue handling
  • Fix support of DeviceIDs > 255
  • E2P Editor: support default values
  • E2P Editor: support BoolValue editor
  • updated FHEM support

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