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v0.6.0 release candidate available
I created the release candidate for the upcoming v0.6.0. Please download the release candidates from the release branch, test them and give feedback.

Everything is listed on the builds download page.

What's new in v0.6.0-rc.1:
  • Support for I2C.
  • Support for temp sensor DS7505.
  • Support for barometric pressure sensor BMP085.
  • FHEM support (perl module for FHEM, see instructions)
  • Support for array structures in e2p definitions and packets (used in base station and power switch e2p layout)
  • renamed "tempsensor" to "envsensor", which also requires an ATMega328 now
  • e2p editor remembers flash command line

I'll let the release branch open for a week or two before the v0.6.0 is released.

In the meantime, development (for v0.7.0) continues in the develop branch.

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