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v0.11.0 release candidate available - breaker27 - 12-12-2015

I created the release candidate for the upcoming v0.11.0.

This version includes mainly stability improvements for sporadic RFM12 hangs and many PCB updates, as well as a completely new Generic Micro 2 PCB.

Please download the release candidates from the release branch, test them and give feedback. All changes are listed on the builds download page as well.

What's new in v0.11.0-rc.1:
  • Increase stability of devices which send and receive and have sporadic hangs of RFM module.
  • Added configurable (optional) watchdog to reset ATMega and RFM12B when nothing is received some time. Configuration can be done with the EEPROM Editor.
  • Add HardwareError message to FHEM parser to log the error cases.
  • Update Soil Moisture Meter PCB (V1.2) with 6-pin ISP connector including VCC pin.
  • Update Dimmer PCB (V1.3), Power Switch PCB (V1.1), Generic Maxi Speed PCB (V1.1) by added VCC pin on ISP connector and/or connection of RFM power pin to an I/O pin for shutting it off in case of a hang. (Note: If you have a device which shows sporadic hangs of the RFM module, you can also modify your existing devices as listes in the Wiki.)
  • Added new Generic Micro 2 SMD PCB (V1.0) which is compatible to a Generic Midi and can be used as a smaller EnvSensor device (see fotos in the gallery here).