Development Status

Feature requests and bugs (= issues) are tracked in the GitHub issue list. Anyone can create new tickets there. Please describe the issue as clearly as possible.

To get a better overview, the issues are shown here in a sort-of kanban board. Each issue basically goes through a lifecycle from left (Unplanned) to right (Done).

This table is rendered live from your browser by some JavaScript magic and represents the current status of issues in GitHub.

Definition of the different states

  • Unplanned: The issue is new and no version is assigned yet. It's not clear if and when the issue will be resolved.
  • Not Started / Planned: The issue is planned for a specific version and is clearly described. Implementation could basically start, but wasn't started yet.
  • Implementing: The implementation has started. (In GitHub, these issues have the tag "Implementing".)
  • Testing: The implementation is finished and submitted to the development branch of the smarthomatic public repository. The automatic builds include the implementation. It can be tested by everyone. (In GitHub, these issues have the tag "Testing".)
  • Done: Testing is considered to be finished. The implementations seems to be stable. A release candidate will be created as soon as all issues are in state "done".